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Scope of Works

Installation of SAS System 330, 1500 x 300mm module Suspended Ceilings with a plasterboard margin inclusive of grilles. Also included was the installation of the central spine plasterboard ceiling. Within this area, SAS system 150, 500 x 500mm module suspended Ceiling bays were installed.

Project Summary :

Mace Group Ltd, commonly known as Mace, is a global consultancy and construction firm headquartered in London.
The first to third phase install was carried out on levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. The project commenced on 8th May 2012 with the last of the three phases completed in October 2012. The completion of the first three phases of the project was achieved by working closely with MACE architects and the MACE Management team, delivering an install of the highest standard.
Level 5 is at present in the construction stage with Project Completion on 10th May 2013.