A game of two halves.

A very warm welcome to football fans from around the world! Its my pleasure to introduce you to our very own football page. Celtic Contracts have been entertaining the construction industry for many years with our highly skilled and well organised football team. Never afraid to accept a challenge, the boys have always managed to suprise and delight our supporters with some fine tactical displays of attacking football leaving many opponents on the end of some heavy defeats.


Head coach John Whyte believes tactics are very important and has drilled the winning formula into his squad!

Recent Results

Below is a list of our recent football events. Why not follow your favourite player and his progress from the Dream Team Selector below.

2016 v Lend Lease at Lacon House

One cold January evening Celtic FC swapped the local public house for the frost covered football pitch after accepting the challenge from the Lend Lease team at the Lacon House project.

CelticFC2016Above: The cold weather can affect athletes of all levels including several of our first team who decided to stay in the warm.

2016CelticFCLendLease_01Above Left: Shams "Taco Bell" O'Brien opted to referee the match, Middle Right: Jon Whyte Captains the squad!

Our opponents may of had multi-coloured boots and matching tracksuits but for much of the game they found themselves on the back foot as we pressed for the opener! Unfortunately our 'Ref" was being a little generous with the decisions and arguements began to be exchanged between our players. The Lend Lease team took full advantage of this and against the run of play they took the lead. Lend Lease could not hold the advantage and the Celtic Stars were level at half time!

2016CelticFCvLendLease_2Above: Celtic using our advanced analysing soccer software to work out the problems on the pitch.

The second half did not go to plan, despite the instructions from the sidelines Lend Lease scored another goal to take the lead. A hint of controversy went with the third goal Lend Lease scored as Celtic players were sure Shams was being told Builders Works would not be signed if some crucials decisions went the wrong way. Celtic managed to pull a goal back but any hopes of getting level were destroyed when Lend Lease scored a fourth.

2016CelticvLendLease4Above Left: Martin Stripe & Stuart Moore. Above Right: Chris Malik with Ray Stripe.

5 A-Side Tournament Soccer Dome

On Wednesday May 15th, the Celtic Gálactico's took park in a 5-a-side soccer tournament held at the London Soccer Dome organised by Bradley Pohl & Overbury. A total of 14 teams entered and even though the lads were tagged the pre-tournament favourites, they soon found out that great expectations come with a price.

Up against Alandale in the first match, a host of missed chances and not adapting the pass and move tactic the match ended goaless. A grudge match against the Balkan Eagles would see skipper Jon Whyte red carded and to make the match even worse Celtic conceeded a goal to give arch rival Jimmy Thercaj a 1-0 victory.

The boys were dragged aside and given a motivational speech about a £1 a pint in the bar which gave a much improved performance as Celtic whipped Integra Contracts 3-0. The result was not enough to continue in the main event and the lads would now be competing for The Plate Cup. Celtic would have to face Integra again and after a disappointing 0-0 draw, Celtic crashed out on penalties 2-1.

Gary Gallagher was Celtics top scorer and despite those white boots, he will be remembered for missing the crucial penalty in the game against Integra.

Alandale won the tournament, congratulations to them and well done Turner & Townsend who won The Plate Cup.


Back Row (Left to Right) - Gary, Nick, Shams, Simon, Ray, Martin, Stuart, Gabby, Jon and Bakar.

Versus Overbury

Mid 2012 Celtic accepted the challenge from Overbury. Their site based squad from the Embankment Place project was soon put to the sword in style as the boys set the tempo which Overbury could never compete with as we took the victory. A re-match was soon arranged and despite the date not being convenient with our squad we had to field a weakened squad. A much changed Overbury side (full of ringers) was this time to strong for the Celtic Warriors who were narrowly beaten leaving the fixture equal.

Celtic have since offered and continue to do so, a rematch with our rivals who have yet to confirm. Some say its due to the cold weather, others claim its nerves, but one thing is certain, this will be a match ticket everyone will want.

Footballs answer to the Harlem Globetrotters.


Back Row (Left to Right) - Shams, Grant King, Paul Cooney, Scott Tumbridge, Ray Stripe, Stu, Macca, Jimmy, Chris Malik, Simon Haylor, Jon Whyte, Martin Stripe, Gabby, Nick

All our players take part in a strict fitness schedule and have accepted the Celtic Contracts dietary requirements and understand playing for the company is more than just an honour.

Meet The Squad

Sean O'Brien - Shams
One of the finest defenders to grace the game. Not the fastest player on the pitch but dont let that fool you, Shams has all the talk of a great player, the self claimed "Jan Molby" or "Steel Bar" will have you in his pocket for 90 minutes.

Grant King - GK
a player who plays in the style of his surname. GK will always give us 100% but once the pre game warm up is over the King needs a rest and sometimes thats costly.

Paul Cooney - Knuckles
When you need a player to take the game by the scruff of the neck then you call Paul. Rumour has it Roy Keane was flattened in the early 80's by the Celtic all rounder on Mitcham Common.

Scott Tumbridge - Tumbler
Plays with his heart on his sleeve and some have said having Tumbridge in the team is as close to playing alongside Kerry Dixon as you can get. Dixon now lives in New Zealand.

Ray Stripe - Raymondo
Celtics very own goal machine. The Great Raymondo has broken records Ian Rush would be pleased with. His give me the ball and I will score attitude and ability to run more than 10 paces without stopping make him a great asset to the squad.

Stuart - Stewie
The linch pin of the squad. The only player who can head the ball without messing up his hair. Commanding the back four his organisation skills are unrivaled. Is often caught texting on his phone during corner kicks.

Anthony McElroy - Macca
A player the fans appreciate. 100% on the pitch and seems unfazed when clattering his own players to get the ball. Has a knack of scoring goals but not always in the right end.

Jimmy Thercaj - Smuggler
Jimmy is the only player who has managed to bring a caravan to a match and sell it to another player during the half time team talk. Anything is just a phone call away with Jimmy, except for goals.

Chris Malik - Super Mal
If every match was played on the Playstation Chris would always win. Our FIFA Football King has all the virtual skills to make it into any dream team, but there is no EASY mode to select at Celtic.

Simon Haylor - Si-gh
Si or Sigh is the newest member of the squad. His articulate skills make him the players favourite when slicing the half time oranges, its amazing how he gets all four quarters exactly equal.

Jon White - General
Team Captain. The Genera,l keeps the players morale up in tough games. Inspirational team talks and Beckham-esque passing make him a crowd pleaser, thats when his wife lets him turn up to a game.

Martin Stripe - Stripey
If you want flair then Martin is your player. His disco dancing days of yesteryear never fail him on the pitch, quick moves and step overs make him dazzle his rivals in to giving away the ball.

Gabriel Draghici - Gabbi
International flair with continental skills Gabbi is a player who could be selected for any nations olympic diving team. Rumours have it than he once dived shaking hands at the end of the game.

Nick - The Cat
Every successful team has a great goalkeeper and The Cat is ours, sometimes. His dynamic ability to claw the ball out of the net earned him his nickname on the pitch however it changes to snail in the pub.

If you have what it takes and feel you could offer our squad that extra dimension then please get in touch.

Career Opportunities

At Celtic Contracts we recognised that our personnel are key to the success and continuous growth of the company.


Our policy is to avoid conflict at all times, be pro active and adopt a flexible approach to all works undertaken. Most of all to work in partnership with our clients and associated companies to reach our common Goal.


On Time, On Budget and To The Highest Possible Standard.

Our continuous growth means we are always looking for ambitious new team members. We are always interested to hear from quality people looking for new opportunities.

If you are interested please send us your CV which will be kept on file for future opportunities for the attention of Jon Whyte