Architects :

Pringle Brandon




Construction Manager :


Project Value : £2 Million
Scope of Works

Installation of high acoustic drywall partitioning, Timber & metal acoustic doors, Drywall specialist for studios, mecsec and skirting’s.

Project Summary :

This is a very fast track project 19 weeks with a very high db rating 35 to 65 db. Defection detail +50-10 we had to get a bespoke headtrack made to accomdate the detail. We installed over 2000lm of partitioning with recessed Mdf skirting and shadow gap bead interface.

3 floors on the project Acoustic steel door/timber door sets up to 50db over 100 sets. Free standing metsec stud partitions built on top of floating floors (sound booths / radio rooms 65db) these are called box in box rooms, 19 in total. We also installed metsec ceilings spanning over 5m in box in box rooms (all services installed in them ie light fitting and grills had to be boxed in above to maintain the acoustic rating of the ceiling, which with was 65db). We have installed sound studios, edit booths, gym, shower rooms, MCR and CTA (data) rooms, kitchen/servery/free standing partitions (edit booths/focus rooms)

There was a lot of abutment details within the partitioning to create air pockets for sound ie 10mm gaps between the cross walls filled with foam. With over 800 service penetrations and duct work up to 2500mm wide acoustic sealing was no mean feat mate.(sound test at the end)Because of interfaces with other trades co-ordination was a priority on this project.