Architect :

Pringle Brandon

Construction Manager :


Project Value : £110,000
Scope of Works

Level 34 of Canary Wharf was split into 2 elements of Construction

  • Removal of SAS 130 Alugrid ceiling and recon figurate the services within the new Cellular offices including a new Pantry.
  • Strip the entire one end of the floor to allow the install of new Meeting Rooms, Reception, Boardroom, Dining Area and Telepresence Room
    Project Summary :

    Having a majority of the ceiling not being accessible due to the Architects vision of what they were trying to achieve made the High Level Co-ordination a very Key part of this project. Reception ceiling was very unique in the way the install was constructed setting out was dictated by the floor tiles and the light trough was brought in to reflect the accessible modular SAS ceilings.